City of Northampton


  1. Animal Control Officer

    Review information about the Animal Control Office.

  2. Arts Council

    Learn about the programs and activities supporting local artists.

  3. Assessor's Office

    Check out the office handling the assessment of property and tax values.

  4. Auditor

    Find information on local financial procurement and reports.

  5. Building Commissioner

    Download permit applications and forms.

  6. Central Services

    Review information on the department controlling the central infrastructure of the city.

  7. City Clerk

    Register to vote or submit requests for other records.

  8. Council on Aging

    Visit the Northampton Council on Aging and Senior Center's website.

  9. Economic Development (Mayor's Office)

  10. Emergency Dispatch

    Gather contact information for emergency dispatch.

  11. Emergency Management

    Access information about emergency management services available to Northampton residents.

  12. Energy Resources

    Review information about reliable energy resources within Northampton.

  13. Fire

    Gather information about the Fire Department and services.

  14. Health

    Discover information and services provided by the Northampton Health Department.

  15. Housing/CDBG (Mayor's Office)

    Obtain information about housing and community development block grants in Northampton.

  16. Human Resources

    Submit an application for a city position.

  1. Libraries

    Visit a local library for programs, activities, and research.

  2. License Commission

    Submit applications for local licenses.

  3. Management Information Systems

    Check out the Management Information Systems (MIS) department for information on local technology infrastructure.

  4. Mayor's Office

    Stay up-to-date on the latest reports and news from the mayor.

  5. Parking

    Pay parking tickets and fines online or learn more about public parking regulations.

  6. Planning & Sustainability

    Access information about the Planning and Sustainability department.

  7. Police

    View information of the local police department keeping citizens safe.

  8. Public Works

    Peruse information and services from the Public Works Department.

  9. Recreation

    Explore the available recreational service provided by Northampton.

  10. Retirement Office

    Stay up-to-date on updates and meetings schedules for the Northampton Retirement Board.

  11. Schools

    Links to the Northampton Public Schools and Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School

  12. Senior Center

    Visit the Northampton Council on Aging and Senior Center website for events and programs.

  13. Tax Collector

    Review tax regulations and pay online.

  14. Treasurer

    Find information on the financial duties of the city treasurer.

  15. Veteran's Services

    Review programs and resources for those that have served in armed forces.